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Santana Lopez + swag

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I got a Tumblr, got a Tumblr full of sunshine. I got a Tumblr, and my entire life’s online, oh. 


Reblog what you want but you’re never gonna break me
Anons and their hate are never gonna shake me, no
Ohh, oh oh

Reblog all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,
Scroll through the niiiiiiiiiight.
My followeeeeers,
always by my siiiiide

Dying lol

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On the bus recently... 




why can’t there be a tumblr town

like when you sign up for tumblr you have to move to tumblr town

the houses are divided by fandoms

free food and drinks

fanfiction library

tumblr academy

no long distance

and peasant free


because we’d all fucking kill each other within 24 hours because of all the fandom and ship wars and the town would turn into a complete and total war zone

well then

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Were you always hoping they would make a movie out of it (The perks of being a wallflower)?

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Anywhere But Here - Rise Against